Flatten Your Belly with a Tummy Tuck in Thailand

Have you considered getting a tummy tuck, but were uncertain if you could afford it or were hesitant about travelling overseas to get your cosmetic surgery done for less? If so, you’re hardly alone. Many Australians are anxious to lose inches from their waist and to be rid of stubborn belly fat and excess skin, yet are not sure where to begin. With Thailand Makeovers, you can get a safe and affordable tummy tuck done in Bangkok with an Australian hostess by your side to help ensure you are comfortable.

What You Should Know About Getting a Tummy Tuck Overseas

No matter where you get your tummy tuck done, you should be aware of what the procedure, known as abdominoplasty, generally entails. During abdominoplasty, while you are under anaesthesia, a surgeon will make an incision above your pelvic region and remove the excess flesh. The underlying muscle may also be tightened and stitched together to improve your waist’s contour. Afterwards, you will need at least a week to recover from the procedure. Your surgical scars will fade away over time.

Getting the best results out of your tummy tuck, including healing well afterwards, requires a partnership between you and your surgeon. When you get a tummy tuck overseas, you want to be sure that you can trust your doctor and that they understand you and your needs in return. Having someone who can help bridge the culture gap, such as with an Australian hostess, may be crucial in making sure your voice is heard and that you feel comfortable with your caregivers.

Get a Great Tummy Tuck Package with Thailand Makeovers

Thailand Makeovers partners with fully accredited and internationally certified hospitals in Thailand, including the Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, which has served thousands of overseas patients for over 30 years in their 400-bed medically licensed facility. You can get your tummy tuck done in Bangkok at this hospital under the skilled care of doctors and a medical support staff who are proven to deliver their services both safely and efficiently. The quality and courtesy provided by this facility are renowned worldwide.

When you get your tummy tuck done through Thailand Makeover’s complete tummy tuck package, you’ll be set for 11 days’ accommodation in either Bangkok or Phuket for far less than you would pay back at home. An Australian hostess will be present for your reassurance and to make sure you have everything you need.

Best of all, we will help to organise every detail of your trip so that you have less to worry about before you go. We help provide your accommodation, arrange the date of your surgery, and can also help plan how you’d like to relax during your recovery time after your procedure. We help get you priority scheduling as well, so you likely won’t have to wait as long as if you booked your appointment on your own.

If you’re ready to transform your body with a tummy tuck done overseas, be sure to contact Thailand Makeovers to get started on the path to the new you.