$ 84.99

This soft micro fibre bra has a very comfortable design with its wide cups and back strap for optimal breast positioning and perfect back fit. Highly recommended for post-operative breast augmentation and reduction.



By incorporating aloe-infused fabric to some of the bras in our range, our products have improved significantly.

NUHA Aloe Vera garments are made with an elastic fabric containing elastane and nylon microfibers that incorporate special, porous, inert very resistant microcapsules containing Aloe Vera. These microcapsules are gradually released throughout the life of the garment and have long-lasting results up to 100 washing cycles (at 30 °C, neutral soap). Aloe Vera is well known for having skin healing properties and provides moisturising, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, anti-ageing and antioxidant effects.