Neck Lift from $3,200

Neck Lift

A neck lift, or platysmaplasty, is a surgery designed to remove excess, sagging skin (Jowls) under the jaw line and on the neck.

Procedure Information

Neck Lift - Before & afterThe Surgeon will usually make two incisions under or behind the ears and then loosen the skin, redrape it and remove the excess skin. If you are having a platysmaplasty with additional skin lift, you may have a small incision under the chin along with the ones behind or under the ears. This surgery can be performed with a full face lift if desired.

Surgery Information

Time: 2-3 hours
Type of Anaesthesia: General
Stay In Hospital: 1 night
Follow Up: 1 week after surgery
Price: $3,200.00

Pre / Post Surgery Information

Three weeks prior to surgery:
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid medications, supplements, vitamins, herbs and red wine (unless prescribed by your medical practitioner
  • Be at your ideal weight
  • Ensure you are healthy. Physically and mentally
After Surgery:
  • Follow your surgeons care instructions
  • Take all medications and antibiotics as prescribed
  • Avoid rigorous exercise
  • Wear support Garments
  • Massage for up to 6 months the affected area

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