Get Quality Porcelain Veneers in Thailand

Porcelain dental veneers consist of ultra-thin shells of medical-grade ceramic which are bonded to the front teeth. Many people choose to get veneers to help recreate a more youthful smile and cover up unsightly staining or cracks. However, dental veneers can be a costly procedure when done in Australia. For this reason, more people than ever before are going overseas to get their dental veneers done in Bangkok and other locations.

Thailand Makeovers offers cosmetic surgery tours, including dental veneer packages. We will fly you out to the tropical paradises of Bangkok or Phuket, where you will get your dental work done under the supervision of highly skilled professionals.

How Dental Veneers Improve Your Smile

Your teeth change as you age, perhaps because of the foods you eat, any injuries or trauma you may sustain, or simply due to the natural ageing process. As a result, you may find that your teeth have darkened or become chipped or cracked over the years. If you’d like to turn back the clock and get your youthful smile back, dental veneers may be an excellent choice.

Dental veneers work so well at improving the look of your smile because they are custom-made for the unique shape and appearance of your teeth. They can be used to alter the colour, size, shape or length of your teeth to mask discolouration or any damage.

Veneers may be made of either porcelain or resin. Porcelain veneers are advantageous in that they tend to be more durable and have a somewhat more natural appearance than resin. However, porcelain veneers must be custom-made for your teeth by someone skilled in cosmetic dentistry. As a result, they tend to be more expensive.

Reasons to Get Your Dental Veneers in Thailand

Given the high costs of many dental procedures in Australia, it is not surprising that many people are looking to go overseas as a cheaper alternative. When you get your dental veneers done in Thailand, you can receive the same excellent results as you would closer to home at possibly a fraction of the cost.

While getting great-looking veneers requires a highly skilled touch, this does not mean you cannot get exceptional results overseas. When you get your porcelain veneers done through Thailand Makeovers, you’ll be flown to Bangkok to visit a fully accredited international hospital. Your procedure will be done by a highly-trained professional who has provided work for hundreds of foreign patients from Australia and Europe, ensuring your veneers are done to the same standards you would expect at home. Best of all, an Australian hostess will accompany you the entire way and make sure you are comfortable.

With Thailand Makeovers, you can enjoy all the cost-saving benefits of getting your dental veneers done in Bangkok, along with priority scheduling, included accommodations, and a reassuring host who will remain by your side throughout your trip. Why not make a holiday out of your planned dental work overseas? With Thailand Makeovers, getting your porcelain veneers will feel more like an escape than a routine trip to the dentist’s chair.