The Safe Way to Get Dental Implants Overseas

Many Australians have considered getting dental implants done in Thailand and other locations overseas, yet have wondered whether or not it is safe. Certainly, there have been cases where people have travelled abroad and have had terrible experiences, yet the same could also be said for procedures people had done closer to home. The difference comes down to selecting fully licensed and accredited professionals you can trust, which is why Thailand Makeovers offers cosmetic surgery tours to Thailand for dental procedures at only the finest accredited international hospitals and medical centres. We offer packages for dental implants in Phuket and Bangkok which will help you get the smile you’ve always wanted in the hands of a skilled professional.

The Advantages of Having Dental Implants Done Overseas

Dental implants are often recommended to replace missing or damaged teeth, where temporary solutions such as dentures or false teeth are not possible or desired. Implants are also sometimes used as an alternative to getting a bridge.

While many people have benefitted from receiving dental implants, the high costs associated with this procedure has driven many others away. Yet you do not have to live with the self-consciousness associated with missing teeth or have to deal with the inconvenience of dentures when you opt to travel overseas to get your dental implants done. Getting dental implants done in Thailand, which has many skilled dentists who have worked with overseas clients, may save you substantially and still offer you quality, professional care.

Even with the advantages of money saved, some people are still reluctant to travel overseas for their dental care. This may be due to various factors, such as uncertainty regarding the possible language barrier or scepticism about the level of care.

The intimidating part of being overseas, likely in an area you are unfamiliar with, is considerably lessened when you have the opportunity to travel with an Australian hostess, such as with Thailand Makeovers. Having a hostess by your side will help you to bridge the cultural gap and will likely be reassuring to you as you prepare to get your dental implants done in either Bangkok or Phuket.

With Thailand Makeovers, you will have your dental work done at an English speaking hospital with highly trained professionals, some of whom have studied in the United States or other locations abroad. With your hostess by your side and a skilled medical support staff present, you will have no need to fear.

Getting Dental Implants in Bangkok and Phuket

When you decide to get your dental implants done through Thailand Makeovers, we will arrange to have your procedure done at a fully licensed and accredited centre, such as the Phuket International Aesthetics Centre (PIAC), which performs over 2,000 cosmetic and reconstructive surgical operations a year for primarily Australian and European clients. Another option is the Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, which has operated since 1984 and delivers a variety of cosmetic services with the utmost safety and efficiency.

Thailand Makeovers specialises in offering cosmetic surgery tours to Thailand, giving you the best in quality care at an affordable price. Getting your dental bridge done in Phuket or Bangkok is made easy when you schedule your trip through us. We will arrange every detail, from your flight to accommodations for your stay. Talk to us today to see how we can give you something to truly smile about!