Find your Breast Reduction Overseas in Thailand

We all have something that we would like to change about own bodies. Some of us feel like our bellies, or our noses are too big for comfort. Others, especially ladies, feel as though they could do with a change to their breasts. Mammaries that are disproportionately large, when compared to the rest of the body, are cumbersome and may contribute to back and joint pain over time. Aside from that, a breast reduction may be just what’s needed to balance the body’s aesthetic proportions.

Cosmetic surgery tends to be pricey, so many women seek options outside of their domestic zone. This type of procedure is known as medical tourism, and it is a major contributor to the tourism industry of Bangkok, Thailand. Surgery prices are lower there, though they are rarely covered by domestic insurance, so travellers in search of a breast reduction in Thailand have many choices to make.

Finding a Breast Reduction Overseas can be Easy, not Stressful

Thailand Makeover Pty Ltd, an Australian company, was started to help travellers who wish to get cosmetic surgery like breast reduction done overseas. The owner, Maryanne, is an aficionado of all things related to Thailand, and she can show you all the reasons why you should get your breast reduction in Thailand, in cities like Bangkok or Phuket. She is your Australian host in a foreign land, and, as well as hooking up the right hospital date for your procedure; she will help you find all the places to shop and eat.

With Thailand Makeover, you will not have to worry about arranging the hospital appointment, the lodging, or the activities; we will help you with all of that. You can get started planning your breast reduction in Thailand without all the hassle of the legwork. We are dedicated to helping our clients find the procedure that is right for them without the anxiety and stress.

If you pay a visit to the Testimonial section of our site, you can read the stories of many happy clients that we took to Bangkok and Phuket for their cosmetic surgery procedures. Whether they were in search of rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, or even dental surgery, we helped them have an adventure overseas.

We Know the Right Doctors to perform Your Breast Reduction Overseas

Bangkok Hospital is our first choice for our clients in search of cosmetic surgery. Bangkok Hospital is a group of privately-owned hospitals, and we are closely partnered with the location in Phuket. They are always busy performing cosmetic surgeries on tourists, including Australian and Scandinavian patients. Thanks to our close relationship, we can find priority scheduling for our clients.

Another esteemed hospital to which we refer our clients is the Phuket International Aesthetics Centre (PIAC), a headquarters for cosmetic surgery located in the tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand. Fast becoming the preferred site of cosmetic surgery for Australians, this international hospital is the first choice for those clients in search of a breast augmentation, lift, or reduction.

No matter what type of image change you want to make, it can be found in Thailand, and when you are ready to make a journey across the sea for a transformation, you can contact us at Thailand Makeover. Send us an email or submit an enquiry through our website, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Make a healthy change in your life, and allow us to guide you through a getaway that you will never forget.