Get a Quality Breast Lift in Phuket or Bangkok Thailand

You can enjoy a vacation in a tropical paradise while also receiving cosmetic surgery in the form of a breast lift in Phuket or Bangkok. This procedure is often chosen by mature women or those who have already had children. The wear and tear of life can change the look of our breasts, causing us to feel different than when we were younger. A breast lift in Phuket or Bangkok can help remedy sagging of the breast, introduce new implants to change the size and perkiness, or can correct nipples. To top it all off, you can do this all while treating yourself to a well-deserved break.

Before the surgery, you will need to make some lifestyle changes starting around three weeks before. You will need to quit smoking. You will also need to avoid medications, supplements, vitamins, herbs, and red wine (unless these are prescribed by your medical doctor). You will also need to be at your ideal weight. Finally, you will need to be healthy physically and mentally.

The Procedure of a Breast Lift in Thailand

Each women’s pair of breasts is unique. Everyone has different sized breasts, distinct shapes of breasts, variations of perkiness, differently sized areolas, uniquely coloured areolas, and more. The cosmetic surgeon will examine your breasts and the look you want to achieve to determine the best approach for the breast lift.

During your breast lift in Thailand, the surgeon will make an incision. This outlines the part of the breast skin that will be removed and identifies the new positioning of the nipple. Excess skin will then be detached. The next step is for the nipple and areola to be moved to a higher position. The skin around the areola will then be moved and brought back together to finish shaping the new breast.

The length of surgery depends on the procedure desired, but it will usually last between one to three hours. General anaesthesia will be used to ensure your comfort.

You will need to stay in the hospital to rest and recover for two nights. The hospital staff will monitor you to ensure you are healing correctly and there is no infection or complications. You should follow up with a doctor around one week after the surgery to ensure the healing is going accordingly.

Breast Lift in Phuket or Breast Lift in Bangkok

When you choose to get a breast lift in Thailand, you can choose if you want a breast lift in Phuket or a breast lift in Bangkok. Both locations offer gorgeous scenery and quality medical care. When you go through Thailand Makeover, you will be assigned an Australian hostess to be with you throughout your procedure. She can help answer questions and help you feel more relaxed during your surgery.

Thailand Makeover has operated for five years and only uses quality doctors who are well experienced in this type of operation. Get a new pair of breasts in a short time with Thailand Makeover.