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THAILAND MAKEOVER was formed through the experiences of the Managing Director, Maryanne, in Thailand. Maryanne has spent a lot of time traveling through Thailand. She has Thai friends from Phuket in the south right through to Sakon Nakhon in the North.

In 2012 Maryanne decided to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand. But not having dealt with the Thai hospitals during her travels, she thought the best alternative was to use an Australian based Thailand cosmetic surgery business to organize the surgery. This was great – until she landed in Bangkok with 3 other girls excited, but nervous, about their upcoming surgery. This is where the shortcomings of using an Australian based company that relies on Thai guides to assist their clients began.

It was from this trip that Maryanne realized she knew more about Thailand and it’s people than the company she was using. She decided that with 20 years of small business experience behind her and a love of Thailand, and Thai culture, she would help Australians with their cosmetic surgery needs.
Maryanne hosts every Thailand Makeover tour to Thailand. You will be dealing with her from your first contact email to your returning to Australia and beyond. Maryanne, and Thailand Makeovers priority will always be you, the client. If you want personal service from a small hands on company then please contact us.

Maryanne’s experiences in Thailand
Lebua Hotel in Bangkok

Lebua Hotel in Bangkok

This hotel is beautiful. It has 66 floors. All rooms are suites. It has a skybar and restaurant on the roof. You can see the whole of Bangkok from the roof while enjoying a delicious meal and a cocktail.

Meeting the Doctors

Meeting the Doctors

Meeting with the Doctors and Administration Staff in Bangkok Hospital Phuket. The doctors and staff are very proud of their new Institute of Cosmetic Surgery.

Welcomed into a village with bracelets

Welcomed into a village with bracelets

This village is 650km north east of Bangkok near the town of Sakon Nakhon. It has a population of 200. The string bracelets are for good luck. On your journeys around Thailand you will see many thai people wearing string bracelets – they receive these from the monks when they go to the temple.

Meeting an elephant walking down the road

Meeting an elephant walking down the road

This is not an unusual site in Thailand. It still amuses me every time I see one though.

Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride

Banana boat ride at Surin Beach with Thai friends and daughter.

Tuk Tuk ride through Bangkok

Tuk Tuk ride through Bangkok

A great way to beat the traffic.



In 2012 I decided after having 3 kids I wanted to get some cosmetic surgery done. As I had been to Thailand a number of times I knew I could save a fortune by getting it done there. However, in my travels through Thailand I had no need to use the Thai hospital system so I decided to use an Australian company to handle the logistics of organising doctors, hospitals etc. The company (who will remain anonymous) seemed fine when dealing through emails in Australia. It was only once I landed in Thailand I realised the shortfall of dealing with a company that relies on thai hosts to guide you through the maze of hotels, hospitals, doctors and taxis.

I arrived in Bkk around 8.30pm from Brisbane Australia with my friend Melanie who was also having surgery.

Upon landing we were excited, but nervous. We just wanted to meet our hostess and get to our hotel for a relaxing shower etc:

We only knew what our Hostess’ name was and that was it. We had no telephone number and we only had our Australian phones which don’t work in Thailand unless you get international roaming or a Thai sim card. The only contact number we had was for the person who arranged our surgery in Australia and it was 11.30pm back home. The hostess was nowhere to be seen. We finally found her an hour later. She said there was another group arriving from Sydney 1 hour later than us so she didn’t see the need to be at the airport until both groups had arrived. Not how I would do things – but anyway.

We were told we would have transfers included from the Airport and Hospitals etc: Well, we did have transfers included, but they were always in a dirty old Bangkok cab, not a hire car like we were lead to believe.
The cab driver got lost trying to find our hotel, and the hostess had no idea as she had not been to this hotel before – so I suggested we ring the Hotel for directions. The Hostess said we would be fine but I was getting annoyed as it should have only taken a half an hour at night to get to the hotel rather than 1hour and fifteen minutes. It had been a long day and we were getting nervous about our surgery the next day.

Upon waking in the morning we met our hostess down in the lobby. The car size had not been increased to accommodate us and the ladies from Sydney (5 total) going to the hospital. So we had to hail a Bangkok cab and go to the hospital with the hostess.

Once at the hospital we started filling out registration forms. Our hostess was no help as she could speak in broken English but could not read English.

We had our consult with the Surgeon. Yes it was a little hard as the surgeon also speaks in broken English but I had been to Thailand many times and I was use to this. The whole consult for the both of us took approximately 3 hours.

Well after consult there was a lot of waiting around as the two girls from Sydney were having there consult, they were upset half way thru there consult and had a short break to pull themselves together, they were finding it hard to understand the surgeon and their hostess was of no help, she had minimal understanding of English and was not helping to bridge the barrier.

This is where I started to think that I could do this better than the experience we were all feeling at the present time.

We were escorted to our rooms. We were told they had not set the schedule for surgery yet, but it would start around 6pm. This is where our hostess disappeared for 3 plus hours.

Melanie and I kept ourselves busy by jumping on the internet and facebook etc. Before we knew it our surgery time was approaching, our drips were put in, and we were waiting to go to surgery – but still no hostess.
Ten minutes before surgery our hostess appeared, said she had been busy with the girls from Sydney and asked if we were we ok. Just as well I had been to Thailand a few times and I could keep our spirits up with talk of what adventures we would have after surgery.

We arranged all doctor follow ups for 5 days time with the Doctor ourselves as the hostess was not there for our checkout from the hospital. We then had to hail a cab and make our own way back to our hotel 12 hours after having surgery

After 5 days we received a phone call from the hostess saying she had reorganised our follow up check up at the Doctor’s private rooms. When we reached his private rooms, he was actually at the hospital. We jumped in another cab and went to the hospital for our 5 days check up. When we reached the hospital we finally met the hostess again. We had the follow up check up. Had some stitches removed and re dressed. The doctor was so annoyed with the hostess for mixing up the check ups he asked her to sit outside and not attend the examinations.

After this we organised the rest of our holiday ourselves. Deciding to fly to Phuket for 5 days, then back to Bangkok for final examination, and fly home to Brisbane. Neither I, or Melanie, have ever been contacted again by this company to see how we are going. I am sure this does not happen very often, and I am sure the Thai hostess would now be long gone. But I can assure you an experience like this will never happen to you when you have put your trust in me.

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